Feel truly special about what you do: offer your beauty centre clients an uplifting experience. How? By offering them a sought-after cutting-edge service that will leave them satisfied and even amazed. Here’s a new product you absolutely need to know about: the Dahara thread, a natural silk thread that sculpts the facial features gently and expertly. Find out more. You won’t want to be without it.


The Dahara


How Does threading work?

A soft natural silk thread glides over the skin removing hair from the root, sculpting the features — no more trauma, no more skin irritation.

Our thread allows you to perform the ancient Oriental hair removal technique of threading gently and accurately — the best possible hair removal treatment you could offer your clients.

Organic silk thread

The Dahara thread is the first and only 100% organic silk thread on the market that is specially designed for Oriental hair removal. It is antibacterial and hypoallergenic and leaves your clients’ skin feeling silky soft after epilation.

It is stronger than other commercially available threads: it remains firm and glides across the skin for fast and accurate hair removal. You couldn’t wish for better for your beauty centre.

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Why choose the Dahara silk thread

There are many threads on the market that allow you to perform the innovative and increasingly popular hair removal technique of threading: cotton threads, nylon threads and untreated silk or cotton hreads. What sets the Dahara silk thread apart?

This easy-to-use silk thread allows you to achieve perfect results with the hair removal technique of threading, a high-quality innovative treatment that will leave your clients feeling pampered;

It was specially designed for the Oriental hair removal technique. It removes even the tiniest of hairs from the root. It does not break the hairs and does not cut the hands;

The thread is certified hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial and is safe for you and your clients and the only 100% organic silk thread available;

Full satisfaction or
money back guarantee

We are confident that you will absolutely love our silk thread and offer you a full-satisfaction-or-moneyback guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with the Dahara thread, you can return it and we will refund the price you paid to introduce it at your centre.

Thread sets

1 Reel

Start your new adventure with this wonderful technique, you will fall in love with it.

30.00 CHF

3 Reel

Congratulations, you are about to become an expert. Always having a spool with you can change a look.

79.00 CHF

7 Reel

True, you can't do without it anymore. An indispensable supply for those looking for perfection.

189.00 CHF


The oldest and most accurate hair removal technique in the world


The ancient hair removal technique of threading originated in ancient Egypt and has traditionally been practised by Asian and Middle Eastern women, known for their impeccable grooming. In recent times, the Oriental hair removal technique of threading has gained popularity all over the world and is increasingly sought after by clients, who enjoy this precision treatment.

Epilation using a silk thread is a veritable art for gentle facial treatment, gently and accurately defining the features; it is pain-free and suitable for all skin types. Therefore it is perfect for delicate facial areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, chin, nose, side burns and neck as well as armpits, hands and fingers and the nipple area.


The best threading technique for
pain-free precision hair removal

Find out how to perform threading using a silk thread: watch this video. Here I show you how to perform it and share the best threading technique for pain-free precision hair removal.

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The Dahara silk thread

is your best ally for Oriental hair removal.

The thread you choose for gently defining your clients' facial features is crucial to the success of the technique: not all threads have the same grip, accuracy and reaction to skin contact. Compared with the threads traditionally used for the Oriental hair removal technique, the Dahara silk thread is 100% organic silk. Designed specifically for this technique, the Dahara silk thread is the only thread of its kind in the industry: you will not find another thread of the same quality.

It does not break the hairs and not cause skin irritation.

It is designed specifically for Oriental hair removal.

Certified hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial

It releases silk proteins into the skin, leaving it feeling silky soft

Satisfied clients

Are you keen to offer your clients a service with a difference, using a product that is unique in the industry? Introduce the Dahara silk thread at your beauty centre.

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