My Story :

This is how I developed the Dahara organic silk thread specially designed for Oriental hair removal.

Ever since I was very young, I have always dreamt of taking care of people, pampering them and helping them feel beautiful and good about themselves. After a period of training, first in nursing and then in the beauty sector, I obtained a Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency, and in 2006 I realised my childhood dream: I opened my own beauty centre in Lugano, Dahara. Here I treat my clients daily with care and dedication and feel free to pamper them and even to experiment

Speaking of experimenting, when I opened my beauty centre, I decided that I wanted to find an alternative technique for evebrow hair removal to tweezing and waxing so that I could offer my clients something new. These traditional methods did not allow me to define the facial features with the desired precision as they risked breaking the hair. Eventually, after extensive research, I discovered the Oriental technique of threading and met Ornella Galloni, who already had more than 25 years’ experience with threading and became my teacher.


Over the years I practised my technique and experimented with the use of many different threads: cotton, nylon and wool; thin, coarse, thick and fragile, none of which really met my needs. Therefore, I decided to do some research and testing with experts in the field to identify the best thread for Oriental hair removal.

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Today I am happy to share with you my Dahara silk thread, the only thread on the market made entirely of organic silk and specially designed for Oriental hair removal. A golden thread that I am confident will win you over, too!

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