Threading is the oldest
and safest hair removal
method in the world.

Find out more and introduce  it at your beauty centre.

Are you familiar with the Oriental hair removal technique of threading? It is the safest and most effective epilation method you could practise: it is an ancient art that enables you to gently and accurately define the facial features. Born in Egypt and practised by Asian and Middle Eastern women known for their immaculate grooming and charm epilation by threading is becoming increasingly popular: your clients will love it, too.

Why practise

If you introduce this treatment at your beauty centre, your clients will be 100% satisfied. Amaze your clients with an innovative precision beauty treatment. Practicing threading will allow you to gain an edge in the beauty industry, one of the most competitive.

By learning the art of epilation using a silk thread, you will become your male and female clients’ best beauty ally. This technique allows you to gently and accurately remove unwanted hair from the most delicate areas of the face and body, leaving the skin feeling silky soft straight after treatment.

All the benefits of threading

Threading is a century-old yet highly innovative technique. It is a treatment method that allows you to make a difference not only thanks to the special technique used but also thanks to the benefits provided.

The best thread you could choose for performing Oriental hair removal.

An innovative technique that will enable you to make a difference.

Even the tiniest hairs are removed from the root and it does not cut the hands.

The only natural silk thread available.100% organic

This easy-to-use silk thread guarantees precision hair removal.

Skin redness typically lasts just a few minutes after epilation.

How Does

threading work?

How Does threading work?

Threading is an art: it is a technique that requires dexterity and experience. Threading involves doubling a thread and twisting it several times. The twisted thread is rolled over the skin to be treated, entwining the hairs in the thread and removing them from the root- even the tiniest hairs. In this video I show you how to perform threading using a silk thread. Watch it to learn how it is done! The Oriental hair removal technique is suitable for all areas of the face and body but is practised mainly on the smaller, more sensitive areas, namely eyebrows, side burns, upper lip, chin, nose, neck, nape, nipple area, armpits, hands, fingers, ears and beard.

Why is threading better than waxing?


Does not burn the skin

Does not leave the skin blotchy

Hairs are not broken, and regrowth is slow.

Removes even the shortest hairs from the root Does not cause skin reddening

The treatment leaves clients feeling pampered and revitalised.



Can burn the skin

Can leave the skin blotchy

Hairs are often broken.

Removes hairs from the root Causes skin reddening

Can be painful


What is the best thread for performing Oriental hair removal?

Not all commercially available threads have the same characteristics: each has its own specific properties providing varying degrees of success. That is why my team of experts and I have spent a considerable amount of time these past few years researching and studying the best possible thread for performing Oriental hair removal accurately and efficiently. We came up with the Dahara silk thread, the only natural silk thread specially designed for threading.

Compared with traditional cotton, nylon or untreated silk threads, the Dahara silk thread is 100% natural and made from pure organic silk. It is certified hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial; it does not cut the hands and removes even the tiniest of hairs from the root. The Dahara silk thread is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin and skin prone to acne. It is strong and remains firm during use. It is the safest product available for you and your clients. This easy-to-use silk thread allows precision hair removal and releases silk proteins into the skin, leaving the skin silky soft.

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